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Installation guide

:!: GeCoS requires Java 8 or later, and a Unix system (tested on Linux 32/64 and Mac OSX 64). See below for a proper setup of Java 8.

We provide an update site for Eclipse oxygen distribution (see the Eclipse documentation about update sites).

To use it, follow this instructions :

  1. Download Eclipse oxygen version (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers).
  2. Go to the following menu : Help → Install New Software
  3. On the right of the Work with entry, add a new update site

GeCoS is split in several features. Some features are not useful for the most of the times. For a basic usage of GeCoS (script, GeCoS IR, basic transformations, SSA representation, DAG representation, C generator), in the GeCoS category, check GeCoS Core EMF and GeCoS framework.

For other features, see GeCoS features/plug-ins description for more information about features content.

Java Development Kit 8 Installation

GeCoS requires a Java 8 (or higher) installation to work properly. Most of the Linux distributions provide an OpenJDK package. If you have another older version of the JDK installed, please make sure the default one is of version 8 or higher.

For Mac OSX systems, Oracle provides a .dmg file for the JDK :

Setup without root permission

It is possible to setup a Java virtual machine without root permissions :

  1. Download the Oracle JDK distribution from, and extract it to a directory where you have permission (for instance, $HOME/soft/);
  2. Edit your .bashrc or .cshrc (or any other startup script) to setup your PATH variable :
    • for bash :
      export PATH=$HOME/soft/jdk<version number>/bin/:$PATH
    • for csh :
      setenv path=($home/soft/jdk<version number>/bin/ $path)
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