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The Gecos (Generic Compiler Suite) project is an open source compiler infrastructure developed in the CAIRN group since 2004. Gecos was initially designed so as to address part of the shortcomings of existing C/C++ infrastructures such as SUIF. Its main characteristics are highlighted below:

  • gecos is a C compiler infrastructure entirely written in Java following Model Driven Engineering design principles. In particular Gecos leverage on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and uses Eclipse as an underlying infrastructure and thus take benefits of its plugin mechanism to be easily extensible.
  • gecos is targeted to Application Specific Processors (ASIPs) design and Custom Hardware Accelerator Synthesis. It includes partial C++ support to accommodate with bit-accurate datatypes (our front-end support Mentor Graphic Algorithmic C Datatypes C++ templates).
  • gecos can be used as a Source to Source compiler (see the S2S4HLS project) or as a standalone flow with a complete retargetable compiler back-end (customizable BURG based instruction selection, a flexible register allocator,) and support for hardware synthesis (see the LOMITA framework).
  • gecos can also be used as a tool for improving programers productivity by reporting errors in the Eclipse C editor. ompVerify is the result of such work in the context of OpenMP annotations annalysis, such as #pragma omp for parallel.

Gecos is an open source software and is hosted on Inria GForge.

Research work based on/using Gecos



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  • Muhammad Adeel Pasha, Steven Derrien, Olivier Sentieys: System-Level Synthesis for Wireless Sensor Node Controllers: A Complete Design Flow. ACM Trans. Design Autom. Electr. Syst. 17(1): 2 (2012)

Conference proceedings

  • Gaël Deest, Tomofumi Yuki, Olivier Sentieys, Steven Derrien: Toward scalable source level accuracy analysis for floating-point to fixed-point conversion. IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, 2014
  • Mythri Alle, Antoine Morvan, Steven Derrien, Runtime dependency analysis for loop pipelining in high-level synthesis. IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference, 2013
  • Antoine Morvan, Steven Derrien, Patrice Quinton: Efficient nested loop pipelining in high level synthesis using polyhedral bubble insertion. International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (ICFPT), 2011
  • V. Basupalli, Tomofumi Yuki, Sanjay V. Rajopadhye, Antoine Morvan, Steven Derrien, Patrice Quinton, David Wonnacott: ompVerify: Polyhedral Analysis for the OpenMP Programmer. IWOMP, 2011
  • Antoine Floch, Tomofumi Yuki, Clement Guy, Steven Derrien, Benoît Combemale, Sanjay V. Rajopadhye, Robert B. France: Model-Driven Engineering and Optimizing Compilers: A Bridge Too Far? IEEE/ACM MoDELS, 2011
  • Muhammad Adeel Pasha, Steven Derrien, Olivier Sentieys: A complete design-flow for the generation of ultra low-power WSN node architectures based on micro-tasking. IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference, 2010
  • Ludovic L'Hours: Generating Efficient Custom FPGA Soft-Cores for Control-Dominated Applications. ASAP 2005: 127-133
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